Henry Povey
Navy Lark character
Henry povey
First appearance
Last appearance
Created by Laurie Wyman
Voiced by Richard Caldicot
Nickname(s) Thunderguts
Gender Male
Occupation Naval Officer
Title Commander (Later Captain)
Spouse(s) Ramona Povey
Significant other(s) Unconfirmed
Children None
Relatives Cuthbet Spinks (Nephew-in-Law)
Religion Unknown
Nationality English

Character summaryEdit

Took over from Commander Shaw in the first episode as the poor sod tasked with trying to keep Troutbridge and her crew and of trouble, and Navy supplies out of The Pertwee Family shops. Had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the crew - while he was ever the thorn in their side, he could rely on their help with certain insurmountable problems - or Ramona Povey as she is otherwise known.[1]

The TV LarkEdit

When Povey followed the crew of HMS Troutbridge into redundancy, he became deputy Controller of Troutbridge TV. [2]


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