It's Johnson's birthday, but the birthday boy has locked himself in a storeroom, and is refusing to come out, even when CPO Pertwee reveals he has a present for him

  • 'I've only just finished paying the installments on the present you got me last year!'




Navy Lark Season 3
In Portsmouth For A Re-fit I Refitting Ebeneezer Pertwee‘s Tug I Sea Trials Of The Poppadom I Mutiny Aboard TroutbridgeI The Explosive Biscuits I Sir Willoughby Takes Over An Island I Mount Rumpus Atoll I Mr Murray's Houseboat I Johnson’s Birthday I Povey’s Unexpected Leave I Families' Day I Falmouth Ghost Ship I Onabushkin Flu I The Efficiency Expert I The Floggle Grummit Missile I The Hitch Hiking Counterfeiter I Commodore Goldstein I Mr Phillips Has Navigation Tuition I CPO Pertwee And The Laundry I The Surprise Wedding