'Burbly' Burwasher'Fatso' Johnson'Taffy' Goldstein
A Crisp RomanceA Deliberate BashingA Fishy Business
A Hole LieutenantA Russian RendezvousA Strange Hobby
A Trip up the ThamesA Watch On The Initiative TestAccredited
Accredited (episode)Admiral HuntingAdmiral Pertwee's Fleet
Admiral TroutbridgeAdvertising DriveAlistair Scott-Johnson
An Exercise In FilmingAre Captain And Mrs Povey Married?Assisting the Police with Their Enquiries for the Last Time in the Series
Avoiding RedundancyBack from the AntarticBack in the Navy (The TV Lark)
Back to PortsmouthBlack is BeautifulBlowing Themselves Up
Blowing UpBouncing BettyBrain Pill (episode)
Bringing Back The BargeBunged in the Brig (episode)Bunging Up
Buoys Will Be BuoysBuying TicketsC.P.O. Pertwee's Long Service Medal
C.P.O. Pertwee and the Lead Half CrownsCPO PertweeCPO Pertwee And The Laundry
Calling The Antarctic (episode)Capt. Povey Takes Over (episode)Captain Povey's Shop
Captain Povey's SpyCaptain Povey's Wig (episode)Captain Povey Reports Sick
Cementing RelationsChasing The KepeacChristmas Special For Antarctica
Cine Cameras At SeaClaude DingleCleaning Up
Clodwilly Rock LighthouseCommander MurrayCommodore Goldstein
Commodre Goldstein (Episode)ComputerisingConfirming Povey's Rank
Crashing Their Way ThroughCuthbert Joins the NavyCuthbert Spinks
Dartmouth Naval College Has Had A Narrow EscapeDemise Of The Depth ChargesDoing a Distracial
Dredging Their Way ThroughDredging Their Way Through (episode)Ebeneezer 'Nunkie' Pertwee
Egbert Hitches a Ride (episode)Episodes with alternative titlesEverybody Down - The Navy Lark Wiki
Falmouth Ghost ShipFamilies' DayFarewell to HMS Varsity
Fatso's Box BrownieFirst Day Out Of DockFishing in Troubled Waters
Fleet Initiative TestFloat a Peddle FiddleFred Computables
Friday The 13th (episode)George EvansGerman's Troutbridge
Getting Rid of PertweeGetting SplicedGinger
Going CaravaningGoing DutchGoing on Leave to Croydon
Gumming Up the WorksGunboat To GumbaHMNB Portsmouth
HMS MakepeaceHMS TroutbridgeHMS Troutbridge Gets A Rocket
Harold Wilson Reviews the Fleet (episode)Have Been AppearingHave Been Breaking Up
Have Been ExercisingHaving Been MasqueradingHaving a Bit of Trouble with the French
Heather ChasenHelen, the New WrenHenry Povey
HijackedHitting the Ice FlowHorrible Horace (episode)
Humgrummits On The High SeasHypnotising Ramona (episode)Impressions For Survival
In Portsmouth For A Re-fitInstructing Their New CO in the WaysJessie Crump
Johnson's DietJohnson's MemoirsJohnson (film)
Johnson Finds TreasureJohnson’s BirthdayJon Pertwee
Kidnapped Down Under (episode)Laurie WymanLeading Seaman Goldstein's Party
Let Loose with a ChopperLighting UpLong Jonathan Pertwee
Lt. ParfetLt. ParfittLt. Queeg
Making a Right Pig's BreakfastMarie ValetteMiss Simpkins
Morpeth GoldsteinMount Pot EruptsMount Rumpus Atoll
Mount Rumpus Atoll (Location)Mr MurrayMr Murray's Endurance Course
Mr Murray's HouseboatMr Murray Goes SickMr Murray is Victimised
Mr Phillips Gets EngagedMr Phillips Has Navigation TuitionMr Phillips’ Promotion
Mutiny Aboard TroutbridgeNANANAS Portland
Navy Lark Season 1Navy Lark Season 10Navy Lark Season 11
Navy Lark Season 12Navy Lark Season 13Navy Lark Season 14
Navy Lark Season 15Navy Lark Season 2Navy Lark Season 3
Navy Lark Season 4Navy Lark Season 5Navy Lark Season 6
Navy Lark Season 7Navy Lark Season 8Navy Lark Season 9
Navy Lark SpecialsNew at the HelmNorthampton Hunt Ball (event)
Number One's AnniversaryNumber One's ChairNumber One's Married Quarters
Off to Sea at LastOn The CarpetOnabushkin Flu
Open DayOpening NightOperating for Profit
Operation Cowes BargeOperation Fag EndOperation Recovery
Opportunity KnockersOpportunity Knockers (Talent Contest)Over The Sea To Rosyth
Pertwee's Enlistment Expires (episode)Pertwee Posted To PortsmouthPertwee and the Tratvian Beer
Picking up the PoppadomPoppadom (Ship)Povey an Admiral at Last (episode)
Povey’s Unexpected LeavePresented the PadreProudfoot
Radar Talk Down SystemRamona PoveyRefitting Ebeneezer Pertwee‘s Tug
Relatives And ReservationsRelief for Station 150Relief of the Weather Ship (episode)
Republic of PotarneylandRescuing AdmiralsReturn to Potarneyland
Returning From LeaveRiding to VictoryRita Murray
Robin BoyleSabotaged Floggle-Toggle BoxSea Trials Of The Poppadom
Searching for Their ShipSecret Mission to CalaisSequel to the Talpinium Shell
Shot AtSidney and the StampSir Frederick Flatley
Sir Willoughby's PartySir Willoughby Goes to Kawowa (epiosde)Sir Willoughby Takes Over An Island
Sir Willoughby at ShanghaiSmugglers in the SolentSpy Catching In Casablanca
Steamship DayStephen Murray (Actor)Stormy Weather
StrandedStrike up the BandStuck Up The Inlet
Stuck on a SandbankSub Lt. PhillipsSub Lt. Phillips at Dartmouth
Taking Some LibertiesTangling with the LawThe Admiral's Accident Report
The Admiral's PartyThe Admiral's PresentThe African Incident
The Anniversary and the WashingThe Anti-Submarine Missile (episode)The Beard-Growing Race
The Bergan Horse Trials (episode)The Brick Smugglers (episode)The Bugged and Burgled Beer
The Bungalese SpiesThe Calais Dock StrikeThe Charter Trip To Antarctica
The Citizen Adjustment CourseThe Comfort FundThe Cornish Excercise
The Cross Country RunThe Digital Isles Go Unstable (episode)The Efficiency Expert
The Emperor of TratviaThe Explosive BiscuitsThe Fairground Lights
The FigureheadThe Floggle Grummit MissileThe Flying Machine
The Forbodian AttachéThe Forbodians Hijack TroutbridgeThe Ghost Ship
The Gun Mechanism TestThe Hank of HeatherThe Hitch Hiking Counterfeiter
The Honeymooners ReturnThe Hovercraft Training CourseThe Invitation
The Island Swordfish (episode)The Jubilee Navy Lark (The Queen's Silver Jubilee Edition)The Lighthouse Lark
The Loch Ness MonsterThe Mark 31 RadarThe Missing Jeep
The Mock ActionThe Montezuela Revolution (episode)The Morning After
The Multiple MinesThe Mysterious Pudding MineThe Mysterious Radio Signals
The Naval ReviewThe Navy Lark (Film)The Navy Lark (Series)
The New BarmaidThe Northampton Hunt BallThe P.O.W. Escape Exercise
The PM PapaThe Padre's Birthday (episode)The Party Political Broadcast
The Phenomenal Pertwee TugThe Portarneyland Election (The TV Lark)The Portarneyland Fishing Limit
The Portarneyland Training ExcerciseThe Portsmouth Kiosk (episode)The Poveys Move House
The Promotion LadderThe Psychology TestThe Put-A-Horse-Out-To-Graze Fund
The Radio Beacon (episode)The Redundancy DriveThe Redundancy Drive (episode)
The Return Of Sir Frederick FlatleyThe Route MarchThe Sea Lord
The Secret Of Nessie’s YouthThe Security ClampdownThe Ship's Concert
The Sicilian Secret AgentThe Sinking Of The Bubble CarThe Slogan Contest
The Smuggling SpyThe South Kawowan SummitThe South Kawowan Summit (episode)
The SquattersThe Struggle For PromotionThe Submerged Island
The Surprise WeddingThe TV DocumentaryThe TV Lark
The Top Secret Rocket TrialsThe Trip Up The Thames (episode)The Unit Comfort Fund
The Whittlesea Bay Yacht RegattaThe Whittlesea Carnival and FeteThe Wrong Uniform (episode)
Troutbridge's Silver JubileeTroutbridge TVTroutbridge in Quarantine
Troutbridge’s PartyTug of WarUncle Wilberforce Pertwee (episode)
Visiting BroadstairsWREN ChasenWeatherby
WeatheringWhittlesea RegattaWomen in the Wardroom
Wren Chasen ReturnsWrens Reunion at the Festival Hall
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